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Welcome to the "Match World" virtual museum!

This is the museum that "Japan Match Manufacturers Association" and "Japan Match Lateral Corporation"operate. We hope you enjoy visiting our websites and get to know various things about matches. At the Match Label Corner, labels in superior designs are shown, especially selected from the collection of twenty or thirty thousand items in the Rankei Library, which is owned by Japan Match Manufacturers Association. Mr. Yutaka Kato, well-known match label collector, has helped us to institute this Match Museum.

As for current matches that are shown in the site, they have been manufactured by member companies of Japan Match Manufacturers Association and Japan Match Lateral Corporation.
Have a good time in the museum!

Mr. Yutaka Kato, who is match label collector and the institutor of this museum, is the author of this column.
Column7"Kobe University’s Auxiliary Library: Explore the source of modern Kobe, Suzuki Shop and ‘rise and  fall‘ of match industry"
This time, the guest is Mr. Yano who is the owner of a jazz tearoom 'TOMU' in Tokyo. He is a collector of matchboxes that were given away in jazz tearooms in 1960's and 70's.